Socialist Art Gallery

The northern pavilion (formerly, the Coach-house) is home to Poland's only Socialist-Realist Art Gallery - a project unknown to any other European country. This very unique display is a political-didactic-artistic venture as it warns, through its carefully selected exhibits, against any manifestations of art controlled by totalitarian authorities. On display are the most interesting works out of the Museum-stored great collection of art of the period 1950-1955, with more than 1,600 sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints and posters. They include works by some of the leading Polish artists. The Gallery is complemented in a quite peculiar way - with the dismantled monuments standing outside, incl.: a Bolesław Bierut monument (from Lublin), a work by Bronisław Kubica; a Lenin monument (from Poronin), by Dymitr Szwarc, and a Julian Marchlewski statue (from Włocławek) by Stanisław Horno-Popławski.
The Gallery offers you an opportunity to watch Polish Film Chronicles from 1950s. Projected are also fragments of the movie Ballada o prawdziwym kłamstwie (The Ballad of a True Lie), directed by Andrzej Trzos-Rastawiecki, rendered available by Video Studio Gdańsk.