The White Salon

This salon, more intimate in character, is also called the Tapestry Room, after the furniture once present in it. The largest two paintings are copies of group portraits of the Zamoyski family members – one of them (after Angelica Kauffmann) showing Chancellor Andrzej Zamoyski with his offspring Anną, Aleksander and Stanisław; the other one (after François Gérard) features Zofia Zamoyska with her sons Konstanty and Władysław. The original paintings got burned in 1939 in the Azure Palace. Noteworthy are the pieces of French Louis-XV-style furniture from the latter half of 19th century: two showcases adorned with bronzes from the E. Garnier workshop; inlaid cabinets, decorated with bronzes featuring a lion skin motif; a marquetry-laid desk made by French ebonist Befort (the Younger) who specialised in making copies of A.C. Boulle's furniture. The chairs, by Jansen of Paris, once furnished the chapel’s interior. The glass cases display 18th, 19th and 20th-century pieces of porcelain from various European manufacturers; objects given off by the Polish society to the National Defence Fund in 1939 (a gold reliquary cross, a pair of rings, a cameo with Hermann and Dorothea), along with other valuable bric-a-bracs (an ivory Chinese woman with chrysanthemums; a Fabergé agate wild-boar).