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The Small Salon

In the time of the Bielińskis, a chapel was housed there; before the war, the owner’s oldest son’s room. Today’s furnishings refer to the outfit from the early years of 20th century. Among the paintings adorning the wall, copies of some masterpieces of European painting come to the fore. Above the bathroom door is Prince Henry Lubomirski as Amor after Angelica Kauffmann, and then, as you go clockwise: Susanna bathing after J. B. Santerre; King Charles I Stuart and Queen Henrietta after the Van Dyck school; below, Maria Czartoryska, nee Dzierżanowska and Cecylia Beydale; Amor and Psyche after François Gérard; Atrocities of war after P.P. Rubens; below, Danaë after Titian; Girl with a letter after Greuze; Antiope’s dream after Correggio; on the bottom, there are portraits of Konstanty, Andrzej, Jan and Władysław Zamoyski. By the window stands an Italian pianomelodicon from the late 19th century – an instrument designed for mechanical playback of music, whilst the showcase displays silverwares from various European manufacturers and a crystal tableware made by the French glassworks Baccarat (4th quarter of 19th century) – one of two surviving sets of this sort (six carafes and fifty-five goblets) once owned by the Zamoyskis.