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The stairwell

The stairwell will lead you, in turn, to the elegant upper floor. Richly adorned with stuccoworks, marble-clad, the stairwell features a neo-rococo railing made by the Władysław Gostyński establishment in Warsaw. The walls are tightly populated with paintings framed in golden frames. Family portraits take precedence among them, incl. those of Tomasz and Katarzyna Zamoyski, Jan ‘Sobiepan’ and Maria-Kazimiera Zamoyski and Bishop Jan Zamoyski, painted in 1890s by Józef Buchbinder who modelled them after early paintings and engravings. There are royal portraits, featuring: Augustus II the Strong, after Louis de Silvestre; Maria Leszczyńska and her husband Louis XV, and Henryk III Walezy (Henri de Valois) establishing the Order of the Holy Spirit. A copy of Moses by Michelangelo Buonarotti is among the featured sculptures.