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What’s on

Museum open from 21 March till 3 December 2017


2 September
National Reading - traditionally Museum responds to this year's appeal of the President of the Republic of Poland and reads and presents Stanisław Wyspiański's "Wedding"  

3–10 September
Land Art Festival, combined with the 9–10 September European Heritage Day (this year under the title "Heritage Landscape – Heritage of Landscape"). For a week, artists from all over Europe will work intensely on projects in which they will use only materials from the natural environment – wooden balls, roots, wicker twigs, various stones, bark clippings, shingles.  

2nd National Indoor Security Service Tournament for the Zamoyski Museum Director's Cup "Wake Up the Winner in You". The tasks of the participants will include a test of the knowledge of the Law on the Protection of Persons and Property and an outdoor game requiring a lot of wits and fitness.  

Ghost Tour – a night tour of the palace and a meeting with the ghost of Maria Zamoyska nee Granowska, who died on June 12, 1846, aged 72 years. The causes of her death are unclear and have turned into a dramatic legend. We will talk about it during your visit!  

5 November, Open Day – a free tour of the palace exhibitions in the company of ladies dressed in period costumes. Additional attractions in the museum courtyard.  

”Food Goes Back II” – a free tour of the palace exhibitions. Visitors bring food as gifts for the animals in shelters.  

3 December
The Closing of the tourist season.