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Erected around 1742 for the Bieliński family, after the design by Józef Fontana, the palace has been owned by the Zamoyski family since 1799. Redeveloped 1897-1914 by Konstanty Zamoyski, it has preserved its original Second-Empire-style dcor from the late 19th and early years of 20th century.

The vestibule
Situated at the building’s axis, somewhat murky, with a stone flooring and beautiful... more

The stairwell
The stairwell will lead you, in turn, to the elegant upper floor... more

Count Konstanty Zamoyski’s study
Also referred to as the Bieliński room, as eighteenth-century portraits of the Bieliński family members are hanged there... more

Count Konstanty Zamoyski’s bedroom
This bedroom mainly features the Count’s closest... more

Bathroom 1
Having left the Count’s bedroom, you pass through the tiny corridor... more

The Small Salon
In the time of the Bielińskis, a chapel was housed there... more

The Countess’s bedroom
Till 1930, the room functioned as a bedroom of the subsequent landladies of the Kozłówka estate... more

The Red Salon
he palace’s most presentable, largest (114 sq. m) and highest (9 m) room... more

The White Salon
This salon, more intimate in character, is also called the Tapestry Room... more

Count Adam Zamoyski’s study
This is the first-to-go-to unit in the southern luxury apartment... more

Count Adam Zamoyski’s bedroom
This bedroom was originally arranged for the 2nd heir-in-tail in the former representative visitor apartment... more

The Exotic Room
The Exotic Room is a small room arranged in an Oriental style... more

Bathroom 2
This bathroom belongs to the southern luxury apartment.. more

The Cupboard Room
As was the case with many other residences, the kitchen in Kozłówka... more

The Dining Room
The Dining Room is arranged, according to a nineteenth-century canon... more

The Library
The Library is arranged in an English style, with oak-wood glazed bookcases... more