What’s on

Museum open from 20 March till 2 December, 2018


22 June
22 June: temporary exhibition: ‘History shaped by life stories. Landed gentry in the battle for the Independent and Sovereign Poland in the first quarter of the 20th century.’ more

24 June
24 June:The VI Lublin Days of Hunting Tradition; The Lubartów Bike Festival more

July: Rose and Aniela’s Name Day; Celebrating Anna’s Name Day more

11 August
11 August: Sports at Kozłówka more

15 August
15 August: ‘Operetta Charm’ more

8 September
8 September: National Reading more

15-16 September
15-16 September: European Heritage Day more

September: 'Event 60+' more

30 September
30 September: Closing of the temporary exhibition more

11–12 October
11–12 October: scientific conference more

4 November
4 November: Open Door Day more

November: Sightseeing with Ghosts more

2 December
2 December: The closing of the tourist season. Karma Comes Around III more