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The Library

The Library is arranged in an English style, with oak-wood glazed bookcases decorated with coats-of-arms: Jelita of the Zamoyskis and Pilawa of the Potockis. The book collection numbers a total of 6,700 volumes, including 572 old prints, with the earliest ones dating to 16th century. The collection is quite diversified theme-wise, embracing works in the areas of religion, philosophy, history, law, exact sciences, agriculture, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, handbooks, children’s books, guides and Baedekers, classical literature and ‘light’ belles-lettres, cartographic collections and year’s issues of periodicals (incl. an almost complete set of Biblioteka Warszawska of 1841 to 1914; a few dozen year’s issues of the French periodical Revue des Deux Mondes; ladies’ magazines La Mode Illustreé, Bluszcz). In the centre, a table is located (made by Trotschel, Warsaw), with a triple early-20th-centiury kerosene lamp above it. On the fireplace is a bust of Andrzej Zamoyski, an outstanding politician and economic activist, a work by sculptor Marceli Guyski (1869). A Hetman Jan Zamoyski’s bust is to be seen in the opposite corner.