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The Cupboard Room

As was the case with many other residences, the kitchen in Kozłówka was located outside the palace building, in the southern outbuilding. The meals were carried across the courtyard, to the room called kredens (pantry). The Zamoyski palace housed two such rooms – an upper and a lower one. The dishes, when already heated up, were transported from the lower pantry by the lift to the upper one where they were arranged on platters, decorated, and carried into the adjacent dining room. In the restored upper pantry kitchen utensils are shown along with fragments of tableware, e.g. a Berlin-made white-porcelain set from 1913–1914; glass Zamoyski-coat-of-arms dinner set and Austrian silverware featuring Habsburg coats-of-arms, by the Viennese company J. C. Klinkosch, dated ca. 1900.