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Count Adam Zamoyski’s bedroom

This bedroom was originally arranged for the 2nd heir-in-tail in the former representative visitor apartment. The alcove displays portraits of Adam’s parents, Stanisław and Róża nee Potocka; above them is a copy of Van Dyck’s painting Jan Grusset Richardot with his son as well as effigies of Konstanty and Aniela Zamoyski painted by Leon Biedroński. Above the bed is a portrait of Aleksander Zamoyski, Adam’s elder son, the last proprietor of Kozłówka, painted in 1918 by Marceli Krajewski. A complete set of furniture, made by the Warsaw ‘Z. Szczerbiński’ factory, dates to 1930. Left of the alcove are portraits of Cecylia Lubomirska nee Zamoyska (after F.X. Winterhalter) and of Stanisław Zamoyski wearing a Maltese Knight uniform. Below those is a copy of a Balthazar clock as originally made for Louis XVI’s bedroom at the Versailles. Above a Louis-Philippe-style couch is a simulacrum of Princess Izabela Czartoryska nee Fleming (after Kazimierz Wojniakowski). Above it are portraits of: French Marshal Pietro Strozzi, Prokop-Jana Granowski, Teresa Czapska nee Zamoyska and Konstancja Zamoyska nee Czartoryska. Above the corridor door is an effigy of Queen Maria Leszczyńska. A copy of an antique sculpture Venus squatted-down stands on a chest-of-drawers with bronzes in the form of lion skins.