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The Countess’s bedroom

Till 1930, the room functioned as a bedroom of the subsequent landladies of the Kozłówka estate; later on, it became the residential room of Jadwiga and Aleksander Zamoyski. A group portrait, painted by Sebastian Norblin, shows Stanisław and Zofia Zamoyski with their six elder children. The recess above the bed contains the Great Holy Family after Rafael; the side walls feature portraits of Konstanty Zamoyski’s parents, Anna Sapieżyna (Sapieha) and Franciszek Mycielski. Beside the stove is a portrait, after Pantaleon Szyndler, of Janina Potocka, nee Potocka, who was Aniela Zamoyska’s sister. The furniture dates to 19th century: in the centre is a French table from 1870s, clad with porcelain tiles; beside it are tiny neo-rococo chairs and a neo-rococo chaise-longue (by Jansen of Paris) and small handiwork tables; combined refrigerator-cabinets (made by Józef Sawicki of Warsaw) are placed between the windows. The palace’s most beautiful fireplace is adorned by a French clock (by J. Ardavani, Paris) with a miniature portrait of Zofia Zamoyska. On the floor is a Persian early-20th-century Tabriz carpet with a Tree-of-Life motif.