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Bathroom 1

Having left the Count’s bedroom, you pass through the tiny corridor and the side-stairwell platform to the bathroom. While in the corridor, you will pass by a bust and a portrait of Anna Zamoyska, nee Mycielska, to our right and then the strong-room door and the Countess’s bedroom door. The bathroom is one of the six bathrooms arranged in the course of the redevelopment project carried out in late 19th/early 20th c. It was then that the Warsaw partnership Sikorski & Kurcewski installed a water-supply and sewerage system and equipped the palace with bathtubs, fixtures-and-fittings and water-heating columns. In the corner, behind the stove, is a lavatory with and English pan, embellished with a chrysanthemum flower motif. On the washstand is a French faience toilet set (Sarreguemines, late 19th c.) and a travelling bag whose equipment, featuring the Zamoyskis’ coat-of-arms Jelita, is contained in the stand’s drawer. The largest and most valuable painting is A poet wreathed in laurel, authored by Wilhelm Kotarbiński in Rome in 1881.