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Count Konstanty Zamoyski’s bedroom

This bedroom mainly features the Count’s closest relatives: the parents Jan and Anna nee Mycielska (on both sides fo the recess); the grandmother Zofia Zamoyska, nee Czartoryska (the largest one, made after the 1799 original by Józef Grassi); Zofia’s brother, Duke Adam-Jerzy Czartoryski (above the door; after W. Lesseur-Lesserowicz); Konstanty’s cousin Pelagia Rembielińska by her first marriage and Branicka by her second, nee Zamoyska (excellent copy of a beautiful portrait by F. X. Winterhalter); and, in the first place, portraits of Count Konstanty himself and of his wife Aniela Zamoyska, nee Potocka, by Leopold Horowitz (1877). Between the windows is an inlaid escritoire (Würzburg, Germany, around mid-18th c.). Left of the bed is a cigar cabinet and cabinet-desk. A triple-sectioned table, so-called dumb waiter, stands in front of the bed, with silverwares and plates, made by English and Russian manufacturers, on it. In the room’s right-hand-side corner, behind a screen, is a toilet nook with a washstand and a bathroom set made of Czech porcelain (Fischer & Mieg producers of Brezova, latter half of 19th c.), painted after Japanese Imari porcelain designs.